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Perfect Markdown Previewing

Perfect little markdown previewing app from thoughtbot. Love the auto-refresh on save. Let’s me edit the markdown file in any editor, and refreshes the preview automatically on save.

What a great idea! *sigh*

We were all excited to try this. Won’t open. In the fantasy land of my brain, this app works perfectly and is a real help in visualizing and formatting content. PS. Have Carthage installed so it ain’t that...

Great app

Great app! Simple, but does the job very well. It fits to my everyday workflow. One thing that will be good to add is the Quick Look preview

Love it!

Simple and clean. Very nice stylesheet - the same as newest github’s. However I am missing text auto scrolling when link was clicked.


This application is a life-saver!

Great little app

Does exactly what I want. Love the auto-refresh on save!

Auto refresh on save

Killer app. Exactly what I wanted. A window with a preview of the markdown. I edit in vim and the window auto-updates on `:w`. Great.

Perfect Markdown previewing

Ive been looking for something like this, glad to see Im not the only one who wants to preview markdown files without having to leave my editor. Works beautifully!

Sweet and simple!

Open a .md file in any editor and open the same file in Markoff. Put the two windows side by side. Edit your markdown and save. Markoff will automatically render your changes. Very nice.

Great app, right to the point

This does exactly what I want: show me the rendered markdown. No more, no less. Couldnt be happier.

Makes me feel a lot better about editing Markdown in Sublime Text

I started with Markdown in Sublime Text. I love Sublime Text for editing in Markdown but never felt satisifed with the packages available for rendering the documents. Too many steps and the auto-refresh after saves didnt work reliably for me. Then I met Markoff. So simple. So delightful. Now my default markdown application is Markoff. When I open a markdown document, its pretty by default. If want to edit the thing, I put my left thumb on the Command key and my right index finger on the E key. BOOM! Sublime Text. Magical. If I save an edit in Sublime Text, then... ANOTHER BOOM! Markoff registers the save and updates the rendering to reflect it. Markoff is watching you while you are using your favorite editor. Dont worry: Its got your back. So, if you primarily use your dedicated Markdown editor to render your Markdown that you write elsewhere, then I think its possible that Markoff is EXACTLY what you need.

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